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HELP US PRESERVE OUR HISTORY:  if you have information, photos, documents or stories relevant to area history please contact us for inclusion into our archives.  Documents and photos can be copied or scanned via portable computer at your residence if you wish. Help us preserve our history!

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! Sample jobs could be transcribing, indexing, photocopying, computer work, describing and cataloging collections, storing collections, recording oral histories, scanning and printing photographs, plus other jobs.  If you are interested in volunteering a few hours to "learn the ropes", please contact us and join us in preserving area history.  (See email address in the right column).

Joseph Jonas ran a shoe shop in this building
which no longer exists.  It was located on Dows
Street, just east of the old Ely bank building. 
Later it became a restaurant (as pictured). 
Standing in the photo are Anna (Holets) Jonas
and a "school master".
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