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1943 Thrashing Time

Here's a photo sent by Marvin Stastny taken around 1943 at the Lumir Truhlar Farm at threshing time.These women were probably gathered to cook food for the threshing crew. I'll bet there was some good eating going on!

BACK: Margaret Malatek Stastny Havlick ...  Viola Stastny Becicka ... Carrie ?? ...  Fanny Hovorka ... Lenora Truhlar ...Tillie Elias
FRONT  Grandma Halva ?? ... Rita Becicka Kral ... Audrey Stastny Conner Selby ... Matilda Horak Truhlar Stastny sitting on right... Eunice Elias in front..

Marvin Stastny's comments:
Lenora Truhlar was Rachel Garnant's mother and my step-aunt.
Tillie Elias was Evelyn Stastny"s mother. She was married to Lloyd Stastny. His dad and my dad were half-brothers. 
Matilda Stastny was grandmother to Rachel, Lloyd, Audrey, Rita and me.