Below is a small sampling of the large photo collection contained in our Archives. Many old photos that people do not wish to donate have been scanned digitally. If you have old photos from the Ely, Western, or Shueyville area that you wish to donate or have scanned, please contact us.

Reprints of old photos can be ordered from the archives collection for a small fee. See a listing of photos now in our collection. (.pdf file)

Above is a pieced-together map showing the area around Ely from the 1875 A.T. Andreas Illustrated
Historical Atlas of the Sate of Iowa. Click the picture to enlarge it to a 228 KB .jpg image.

Rogers Grove Church, (about 1915) once located
where Rogers Grove Cemetery now stands on Ivanhoe
Road northeast of Ely. (Preservation Commission Collection)
1909 School in Ely (ECHS Collection)

Rogers Grove School, taken in 1981.Closed in 1966. It was located
at the intersection of Ivanhoe Road and Old School Road. No longer
standing but the foundation is still there in 2019.)
(Preservation Commission Collection, from Lenore Biderman)
Prairie Ridge School about 1910.  Once located on
Spanish Road north of Wright Bros Blvd
(Vavra Family Collection)
First Bohemian & Moravian Brethren Church,
founded in 1858 with the church being built in 1867-68;
now First Presbyterian Church west of Ely. Circa 1920.
This church celebrated its 150th year in 2008

This general store was located in the town of Shueyville,
which is west of Ely, and south of Western, just over the
Johnson County line. It was a stage stop & housed the post
office. (Horak Collection)
A dance in the country near Ely, 1899
(Preservation Commission Collection)
The main building at Western College, once located
in the town of Western, taken June 11,1894.
(Leo & Irma Modracek Collection)

A Bohemian band standing in front of the dance hall
in Western, about 1910. (Leo & Irma Modracek Collection)
School children in Western, 1888
(Volesky/Jansa Collection)

The L. J. Palda C.S.P.S. Lodge in Western was organized
about 1890/91 and later moved to Swisher, Iowa
(unknown year for photo) (Volesky/Jansa Collection)