Vornholt Family

Henry William Vornholt family probably taken in 1882.

Submitted by Sharon VeDepo Farnsworth

This is a picture of the Henry William Vornholt family probably taken in1882. Pictured  are the parents, Henry William Vornholt and his wife Catherine Elizabeth Hieber, their children, Mary  Elizabeth, Rosa Anna, Anna Caroline, Frederick William, Louisa Jane, Emmeline Lucinda , and John Elias.
  • The  youngest child, the boy the lower right, is John Elias born in 1880. 
  • Not pictured is Clara Ellen born in 1883, which helps to date this picture to around 1882.
  • Mary Elizabeth married Christian David See and is my great grandmother.
  • Married names of the daughters include; See, Brown, Klinsky, Miller, Zobel, and Baumgartner. 
  • Rosa Anna Brown moved to South Dakota while the others including Frederick lived around the Ely area.
  • Three of the Vornholt children, Charles, Catherine, and Jacob, died in the summer of 1878 of Yellow Fever, and are buried with their parents in Fackler Cemetery.  They do not appear in the above family photo.

I have other pictures of the Vornholt family.  My email address is svedepo@gmail.com.
If anyone has other pictures of this family or has an interest in pictures I have including, baby, youth, some wedding, family photos some of which are unidentified, please contact me.

 - Sharon VeDepo Farnsworth

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