Unknown photos

Attached are two unidentified postcards that have the back that appears to be from the 1907 - 1914 era.  One is of a classroom, and the other is of some men who have been working in the fields.  You are welcome to share these to see if anyone might have any info on who or where they might have been taken.

The other attachment is a family photo that is not labeled and we do not recognize.  Please feel free to share that one also. These were all from photos my grandmother Libbie had, so they are from the Erenberger-Kust-Trpkosh family.  The Kust family lived on Jappa Road.

 - Julie Brouwer

Could this be the old Jappa School since the family lived nearby?

Farm scene near Ely, IA

A wedding - people unknown.  Please help identify.

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