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Sunday, August 25th 2013, a group from Ely Community History Society drove to the Riverside, Iowa area to view two restored pioneer cemeteries.

We visited with Arlen Nickolan, of rural Riverside, who was instrumental in restoring both cemeteries and continues to maintain them along with the local township trustees funding.

Arlen gave us a very informative talk about his experiences and tricks of the trade he had learned, as well as supplies that we will need and other tips. 

He then took us to the two cemeteries, Kupka Cemetery, located on a wooded hilltop reached by a path through fields with not many graves, and the second, Patterson Cemetery, also reached by a path through fields, which had 40+ graves stones, some of which he had to fish out of a nearby pond!

Arlen has done excellent work and we thank him for his willingness to share knowledge with us. With each encounter with people who have "already done this"  we learn so much, and we gain confidence that we can accomplish our goals at Fackler's Grove Cemetery.

Below is an article about one of the cemeteries Arlen helped restore.

Local efforts brings cemetery “back to life”

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