Progress Report on Fackler's Grove Cemetery Project

As cold weather approaches, it is time to take a look back and plan ahead for the coming year.

We are pleased with our beginning progress.  The cemetery was cleared of brush and some trees, thanks to an Eagle Scout project, and the grounds have been mowed since June.   We have had meetings, given talks, received grant monies and donations, consulted with experts and have learned a lot.

Probing with rods has unearthed many buried footstones, bases for removed headstones, and even a couple buried headstones.  We are becoming more optimistic about being able to match headstones with their original locations in the cemetery. We have decided to postpone more thorough probing for buried stones until spring rather than having them exposed to the weather over the winter.

We have taken measurements of the positions of the stones in the cemetery and created a chart of existing features, resulting in a rough map.  We will use the map to compare to our documentation of burial listings created in the past.

Due to a family crisis our tree removal volunteer is not available and it is doubtful that tree removal we had scheduled for fall will happen.

Our next task is to create a budget request for 2014 to present to the Big Grove Trustees outlining our needs.  To that end if any of our readers have specialized knowledge and can help us to estimate the potential cost of mowing and spraying next summer, we would appreciate the help. 

Here is what we hope to accomplish next year:
 - spray to remove invasive species
 - continue upkeep, mowing
 - continue tree removal
 - repair gate/posts
 - create visitor information signage
 - continue probing /locating of graves
 - start cleaning/repair of headstones

Many people have expressed interest in helping with this project. If you are up for some physical work and can commit to a few hours of labor next season, please call Barb at 848-4074 or Clary at 848-4963.

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