Ely I.O.O.F. portraits


Individual portrait photos of 49 early members of the Ely I.O.O.F. Lodge #581. Believed to be from around the turn of the century, early 1900s.

*Denotes black ribbon for deceased member

Numbered from top, left to right.

1. L. Clark, 2. L. B. Calder, 3. *M.E. Mann, 4. J. Lorenc,
5. C. Vanorny, 6. F. Elias, 7. G. J. Fleming, 8. A. Hoppe, 9. J. Smith, 10. F.J. Krob

11. *Ed Rogers, 12. L. Davis, 13. F.H. Hoppe, 14. F.W. Borghart, 15. W.A. Cairns, 16. Cal Smith, 17. J.C. Baylor, 18. Fackler (no first name), 19. H. Upmire (Upmier)

20. *G.W. Smith, 21. W.J. Dvorak, 22. A.J. Minor, 23. J.O. Clark, 24. J. Tomlinson, 25. J.C. Dvorak,
26. P.H. Fuhrmeister, 27. J. Becika (Becicka), 28. J.W. Kadlec, 29. *G.W. Stansbury

30. *A.F. Stewart, 31. L. Stanek, 32. W.J. Kadlec, 33. G.D. Clark, 34. F. Dolezal, 35. F.J. Koss, 36. H.W. Smith, 37. M.D. Vanorny, 38. F.B. Vavrichek (Vavricek), 39. *L.G. Booth

40. R. Smith, 41. R.F. Smith, 42. W.R. Cairns, 43. D.C. Fackler, 44. *J.M. Worthington, 45. J. Kremenak,
46. John Lorenc, 47. *Wm. Umbdenstock, 48. W.H. Caryl, 49. C.C. Clark

Ely I.O.O. F began in 1893.

Cedar Rapids Evening Gazette, Friday, June 2, 1893
A New Lodge Instituted at That Place Last Night- Large Delegation from This Place in Attendance - Handsome Treatment by the Ely Brothers

Ely lodge No. 581 has been instituted at Ely by Grand Master Geo. W. Murphy, assisted by a number of members of the Cedar Rapids lodge. Mr. Murphy and his assistants went down on the afternoon train and by supper time they had installed the officers and duly instituted the lodge.

The officers chosen are as follows:
J.C. Dvorak, noble grand.
Frank Svacha, vice grand.
E. L. Matthews, secretary
Joseph Tomlinson, Jr., treasurer
Frank Dolezal, guardian

In the evening still another delegation arrived from Cedar Rapids and the first session of the new lodge was held. Seven candidates were initiated into the subordinate degree. Short speeches were made by several present, when at 10:30 the party repaired to Mr. DeVaults hotel, where an elegant and substantial supper was served to the forty or more present. The Ely people left nothing undone to add to the pleasures of the visit. Their lodge starts out with fine prospects. The new members are the best young business men and farmers and they take hold of the lodge work with much enthusiasm.

Among those present from this city were George B. Murphy, J.A. Bye, George Lightner, H.E. Fisk, P. Myers, C. Fordyce, Frank Tisher, J.D. Blain, George Stauffer, G.W. Lutz, Charles Weare [? hard to read], Mr. Callaban, Oscar Solomon, Charles E. Inman, Cal Stout, J.M. Haines, David Brant, Dan F. Anderson, Henry Washburn and Chas. Nechuta.

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