1903 New Bank in Ely

The Ely Bank, about 1912, on the corner of Dows and Walker Street.  Click to enlarge it.

Cedar Rapids Evening Gazette, January 31, 1903
Ely, Iowa. Jan. 3 - The Ely bank, J.H. Smith & Sons of Cedar Rapids proprietors, and Wm. Benesh, cashier, will open on Monday next. With a volume of business largely exceeding many other towns of greater size in Iowa, Ely has never had a banking institution of any kind, the merchants and other business men being obliged to do all their banking in Cedar Rapids. The Messrs. Smith have erected a new building and furnished it in becoming style.

Pictured to the left of the bank in the bank photo is the above building.  Anna (Holets) Jonas, or Mrs. Joseph Jonas, and a school teacher that boarded in the home are pictured.  Joseph Jonas also had a shoe repair shop at this location.  A barber shop and a billiard table were added. Finally the shop was moved to another lot.

Later, the bank was bought out by First Trust and Savings Bank of Cedar Rapids. Joseph Holets and his daughter, Gladys Holets worked there for many years. The below photo was taken by Gladys.

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