Country schools-Hazel Green School

Hazel Green School (pictured above) was located east of Shueyville, Iowa in Big Grove Township, Section 3.  If you have information or photos to share on this school, please contact us!

We are also looking for information and photos on the Sulek country school, located  east of Shueyville in Jefferson Township Section 1.

If you have memories, photos or information to share on any of the country schools in our area of coverage (Ely, Western and Shueyville plus surrounding countryside), please contact us.

Hazel Green country school

This photo is from Vern and Kay Erenberger and shows children in front of Hazel Green School.  The Erenbergers recently celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary.  Kay said that this is the first time they met.  Kay is the small girl on the left in the front row and Vern is the boy in the suit at the far right of the second row.  We could use some help with the identities of the other children.  Be sure to click the photo to enlarge it!
Front row: from left -1- Kay Erenberg; 2-Theresa McNamara, 3 unknown, 4 unknown, 5 unknown; 6-Kenneth Erenberger
Second row: 1 unknown, 2 unknown, 3 unknown; 4 unknown; 5-Donald Erenberger (face toward camera); 6-Vern Erenberger
Back row: 1 unknown; 2 unknown; 3 unknown; 4-Donald Erenberger 5 unknown; 6 unknown, 7-Gene McNamara; 8 unknown

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