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UPDATE - 2/8/2020
Linda Hey, a local historian has verified that when they built the house where Robert Novotny formerly lived in Shueyville, they built it behind this old house. They moved the old house to the east of the main Shueyville corner (120th and Curtis Bridge Road) where Leonard Zalesky lived.   The address of this house today is 2914 120th St. NE, Cedar Rapids, Ia.  This is a picture from Google Maps of what that house looks like today, just east of the 120th and Curtis Bridge Rd.

The below photos were sent in by Pat Vichas, hoping that someone could help identify them.

The first is a gathering of people in front of a house believed to be the home where Pat's great-grandmother Elizabeth (Hall) Graham lived in Shueyville, Iowa or nearby.  (Jefferson Township, Johnson County, Iowa)

Pat has identified Frank and Edith (Graham) Popham are 7th and 8th from left in the top row.  Elizabeth Hall Graham was Edith Popham's mother; in all, Elizabeth had 5 daughters.

Pat would like to know any information on the house - if it is still there.  Also information on the people in the photo.

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The below is a later photo of the house. Is this house still standing in or near Shueyville?  Please let us know.

A blow-up from a 1900 Johnson County, Jefferson Township map shows the approximate location of the J.W. Graham property and house. We do not know if it is the same as the above house.

 Some background:

Copy of an article by Elizabeth (Hall) Graham (Memories of Elizabeth (Hall) Graham, who came to the Shueyville area in 1855 and lived near Shueyville for 91 years. The newspaper is not identified, but the author is listed as Louise Johnston. Year it was written is estimated about 1946.)

From History of Johnson County, Iowa, 1883. - Biography:

Father of Elizabeth (Hall) Graham:   Thomas R. Hall (deceased), was born on the 15th day of December, 1819, in Albermarle County , VA ; was the son of Richie and Sarah Hall; was raised on a farm; learned the carpenter trade. August 10, 1843.  He was married to Miss Nancy M. Martin of Augusta County, VA. They have six children; John W., Elizabeth E., wife of J.W. Graham; Robert C., Eliza C., Cinderella C., and Cora A. In January, 1855 he came to Iowa , and settled in Johnson County; first in Shueyville, where he followed his trade. He purchased 240 acres of land in section 9 and moved there, where he farmed and worked at his trade up to the time of his death, which occurred November 22, 1871 . He was a member of the Methodist Church , and held the office of Justice of the Peace and trustee of his township. He was a good citizen, a faithful husband, and a kind father.

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