Work Day - June 7, 2014

Saturday, June 7th

A group of  13 volunteers headed out to the Fackler's Grove Cemetery this morning to mark out grids with rope and stakes, and then systematically probe for buried grave markers and bases.  Malinda, a descendant of the Fackler family, her husband and son were part of the group.  She remembered being in the cemetery as a child and that some grave markers had sedum and columbines planted in front of them.  There is considerable sedum scattered here and there, and also a few columbines.

The probe went well, but it is slow work and we will need several more sessions to cover the entire cemetery. 

One gravestone uncovered was a small stone.  On it was written: Dau. of M. and Mary  M. KERSHNER, died Nov. 1, 1848 Aged 10 years. The Fackler Cemetery listing notes a Rebekkah Kershner, who died Nov. 1, 1848, aged 10 years.  Her name may be on the back of the stone.  We did not turn it over.

Another partial gravestone was discovered with "lliam J." visible on it.  This could be William James Kershner, son of M. and Mary M. Kershner, who died at age 22 on July 2, 1856.

Below are some photos of the work party.  If you wish to see larger photos, double-click on the slide show.

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