Ely Rebekahs Photo

Above is a photo, perhaps from the 1950s, of a group of women belonging to the Ely Rebekahs Lodge. We need help identifying them! Click the photo to enlarge it!

Top Row: left to right   
1. Margaret Luny
2. Faye Benda
3. ? Irma Modracek?
4. Olga Vavra
5. Leona Poduska
6. Gladys Malatek
7. Katherine Worley
8. Jean Dolezal
9. Margaret Stastny
Middle Row: left to right    
2. Mina Randall
3. Mary Jones Martin
6. Agnes Benda
Front Row: left to right   
1. Helen Sipe
2. Julia Sladek
3. Esther Zvacek
4. Irene Vavra
5. Bess Rigel
6. ?Mabel Riddle? ?Flora Kermenak?
7. Florence Brokel

Thanks to Facebook followers of our page, and the "card players" at Ely Community Center for help!


Unknown said...

I believe front row, second from left is Adeline Lorenc, and fourth from left Irene Vavra

ECHS said...

I have had at least 5 people identify front row, 2nd from left as Julia Sladek, not Adeline Lorec.

Unknown said...

(Per Viola Z)
Top row #2 Faye Benda #6 Irma Modracek (I think #3 could be her, actually)

Middle Row #3 Mary Jones #6 Agnes Benda

Stephanie Parker